14 Reasons Why You’ve Never Had A Girlfriend (And How to Get One)


Okay, hands up if you’ve never had a girlfriend.

Huh, no one put their hands up; guess you’ve all had at least one girlfriend.

Or, more likely, quite a few of you have never had a girlfriend and you’re a bit embarrassed about it.

Don’t be; there are plenty of guys out there who haven’t had one either and they’re lying about it because they’re just as embarrassed as you. This is because dating is hard; every woman is different and, if it was easy, then sites like this one wouldn’t exist. It’s also worth noting that you’ve probably been closer than you realised to getting one a few times. Quite a few times, you probably tripped up on the final stage.

This is because the most awkward stage of getting a girlfriend is that little transition from ‘really getting along with her’ to ‘actually dating’. No matter how well things seem to be going, there is no point at which you can afford to get careless.

Therefore, it’s time to stand up, dust yourself off and try again. But, before you do, continue reading first. We’re about to break down your approach to, well, approaching women and list the 14 reasons why things might not be going your way. After all, identifying a problem is the first step to fixing it. With that said, let’s dive in;

Never Had a Girlfriend? Here’s Why…

Below is everything you might be doing to screw things up in your pursuit of a girlfriend (metaphorical pursuit; if you’re physically chasing her, you went badly wrong somewhere) broken down into fourteen bite-sized sections.

Reason #1: You Assume Girls Don’t Like You

So, you walk past a girl at a party and she catches your eye, looking amazing. You overhear a bit of her conversation and realise that she’s not just pretty; she’s smart and funny as well. You even notice that the drink in her hand is the exact same IPA you love as well.

Holy cow, she is so appealing to you that you…

…keep walking?

Of course, you keep walking, she’s absolutely amazing, she must have to fend guys off with a stick. Face it; she’s out of your league.

If any of this is sounding familiar, then we may, just possibly, have found what’s holding you back in the dating game. Because, while there are many ways to screw things up with a girl, this is the most assured way of preventing you from finding a girlfriend. If you say the wrong thing or fail to spot the opening to ask for her number, that’s potentially not the end; you may be able to recover. However, if you just give up at some point, this is the only way you absolutely will not get anywhere.

This defeatist attitude can take several forms;

When you saw another guy talking to a girl you liked in a bar…

Maybe you actually were going to talk to her. You took a deep breath, psyched yourself up and turned around to find her talking to another guy. Damn, you left it too late and now she’s spoken for.

But is she? The guy might be her friend or family member; it might be entirely innocent. Or even supposing that he is trying to hit on her, who’s to say that she’s receptive to it, or that she might not prefer you? You’ll never know if you don’t try to approach her.

Moving on, this can also come into play when:

The girl you liked stopped texting you back…

She stopped replying to your texts? In spite of the obvious conclusion to jump to, there are any number of reasons why she stops replying. Maybe she just got out of a bad relationship or had a family crisis. Maybe she’s a little concerned about how sincere you are and is being cautious.

Odds are pretty good that if she legitimately doesn’t want to talk to you then she’ll tell you so. Because the other possibility is that she wants to get an idea of how interested in her you really are.

It’s always best to approach women with the default assumption that she wants to talk to you. You might be wrong but the confidence with which you approach her can make the difference between whether you are or not. You might think your lack of confidence is your little secret but it leaks out and shows itself to other people in subtle little ways.

So, take a deep breath and believe in yourself. Once you do that, it’s the first step towards getting her to believe in you.

#2: You Haven’t Found the Right Girl Yet

The problem isn’t always you; no matter how hard you try, you can’t force a connection with a woman you’re not compatible with. It won’t do you or her any favours if you force yourself to do stuff you hate just so you can have a girlfriend. The goal in getting a partner is to add spice and companionship, not extra hardship and struggle. If you’re having trouble finding a woman you can connect with at the places you usually try, there are other options;

  • Have you downloaded Tinder and created a profile?
  • Have you signed up to online dating sites like Match.com, POF (Plenty of Fish) and Badoo?
  • Have you been going out regularly or attended social events where you meet lots of new people?
  • Have you joined a gym, yoga class or sports club?
  • Have you gone to places women flock to like cafes, shopping malls, parks?

Gone are the days when your only options were the women you could meet locally at bars and nightclubs. Gone are the days where you had to approach a woman you knew almost nothing about and try to strike up a conversation. There are so many different ways of meeting women, with whom, you share interests, giving you an easier time getting that crucial first conversation started.

Online dating apps (Tinder, for example) have greatly expanded the scope of your dating radius. There are plenty of women outside your usual social circles that apps like these can help you get in touch with.

An important thing dating gives you is context; context for what you want. If you’ve never had a relationship before then there are a lot of factors you won’t have considered. Put simply, the more women you meet in pursuit of romance, the better you’ll understand what you want in a relationship.

That’s information that is crucial if you want to not only get a girlfriend, but get one with whom you can have a satisfying relationship with. If you jump at the first pretty girl who gives you the time of day you’re running the risk of a mediocre relationship instead of one that really makes the two of you happy.

#3: You Lack Confidence Because of Your Girlfriend-Less Past

It goes without saying that the more experience you have with something, the more confident you become at it. Every time you go to pick up a cup, you don’t hesitate and wonder, ‘can I do this?’

So, it’s more than understandable that, having never had a girlfriend before, that you find yourself feeling supremely unconfident. How can you just leap into it and expect to have any success getting together with women when it has never happened before. Now that you’ve missed the window of easier hook ups as a teen (where being a boyfriend is a lot less complicated), what hope do you have?


While it’s easy to be confident about getting a girlfriend when you’ve done it before, you have to remember that this isn’t the only source of confidence. A far more reliable source of confidence isn’t a list of women who’ve become interested in you (though this certainly doesn’t hurt) but belief in yourself. Think about your positive traits, the various things you’re good at. Think about all the times you’ve held an entertaining conversation in other situations. Basically, have confidence in yourself, because you’re the product you’re trying to sell. No salesman is going to manage to sell a car he only describes as ‘okay’. Approach a woman projecting confidence and she’s far more likely to listen to what you have to say.

Of course, it doesn’t matter how confident you feel if you don’t manage to project this fact. Projecting confidence is also about body language and breathing. You need to raise your shoulders, put your chest out, look people in the eye and speak clearly and slowly.

It’s an interesting quirk of human psychology but by using these techniques to act more confident, you will, subsequently, start feeling more confident.

#4: Your Mates Are Dicks

Sometimes the friends you have are perhaps not the best friends that you could have. If you’re the only member of your friend group that hasn’t had a girlfriend, some of your friends may be less than sympathetic. We talked about the importance of confidence in the previous section and few things do your confidence more damage than your pals making fun of you for the shape of your love life.

If you find yourself constantly teased for your lack of experience, you might want to consider finding yourself some different people to hang out with. Or, at the very least, some different friends to go out on the town with.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you change your friend group just for the sake of getting a girlfriend, but your pursuit of a girlfriend might just highlight some facts that show that you’re hanging out with them out of habit rather than the fact that you consistently have a good time with them.

If you have a group of friends like this, then trying to meet women while out with them will be somewhat similar to trying to swim a mile with weights on your arms and wrists; it’s not impossible, but you’re making things much harder than they have to be.

Firstly, if they like making fun of you for never having got very far with women, and they see you approaching one, they are likely to make a big deal about it. This will either be in a negative way (mocking you in front of her, or bringing up your lack of experience) or a positive way. Or rather, an attempt at a positive approach; they may see you making some headway with her and make a big deal about it, which will probably not help things.

It also doesn’t help if your group of friends are more dynamic and attention-grabbing than you. If a woman is observing your group and considering approaching, it probably won’t be you if your friends are drawing all the focus.

#5: You Are Mr Agreeable

Have you ever hung out with someone who will just NEVER make a decision? You ask them where they want to eat and they tell you they’re fine with wherever you want to go. You ask them what movie they fancy seeing and they tell you that whatever you pick will be fine. You tell them you’re going to drive a nail through their foot unless they actually make a decision for once and they agree that this seems like the best course of action. After a while you start to wonder if you’re actually hanging out with an imaginary friend rather than a real person.

Now imagine that this person isn’t your buddy that you see occasionally but someone trying to flirt with you in a bar.

Consideration for what she wants to do isn’t a bad thing (quite the opposite) but any woman who is actually interested in the romantic equivalent of a ‘yes’ man is probably not going to be a woman you’ll have fun with long term.

Keep in mind that a woman in a social setting, like a bar or party, is probably going to have plenty of guys approaching her with clumsy pick up lines, aggressively sexual suggestions and obvious intentions. She will be surrounded by guys who will try saying whatever it takes to hook up with her. Standing your ground and admitting that you disagree with her, when you do, will make you stand out as someone genuinely worth talking to.

Part of the fun of dating is the chance to meet new people and have new experiences. If you’re arranging a date and you know an amazing restaurant that you think she’ll like, then suggest it. She’s going to think more fondly of you if you’re the guy who introduces her to places and experiences that she’s never tried before.

Standing up for yourself will also make the worthwhile women respect you and also help you identify those who are trying to take you for a ride. If she’s late for a date or cancels at the very last minute, playfully chastise her for it. You’re not being aggressive, but you’re also making it clear that you’re not pretending it didn’t happen just to keep her happy. If the woman considers you a low priority, and isn’t too concerned about keeping arrangements with you, then you’re sending the message that they can’t walk all over you, straight away.

#6: You Are Too “Safe” With Women

You know what doesn’t exist?

The perfect moment.

You may well have missed the opportunity to kiss a girl and move things forwards into romance territory multiple times. How do you know if this is the case? Think back on any potentially romantic moment with a girl that ended up not going anywhere. If you were sitting waiting for the ‘perfect’, risk-free obvious moment to kiss her, then you missed an opportunity. Or, rather, you missed your chance to make an opportunity because, unless she explicitly asks you to kiss her, there will never be a moment where there will be no risk of getting it wrong.

Fortune favours the brave so be sure to take a chance and try to seize the moment.

We’re not trying to suggest that any moment is a potential moment to try and kiss her. If she’s eating a panini while telling you about a movie she saw, then it’s probably not the best time to try leaning in for a kiss. Wait for a moment when it’s just the two of you and you’re sitting close. If she’s showing no signs of being uncomfortable this close (especially if she’s making physical contact with you herself), then go for it.

Plenty of women are attracted to men who are not afraid to take risks. The only time there’s no chance of getting a kiss if you never dare try.

It might not work, you might have misread just how eager she is to kiss you but, even if it doesn’t go as planned, she’ll likely respect you for being brave enough to try. This is very important because just because she doesn’t want a kiss now, doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to kiss you at all.

After all, persistence can be a very attractive quality up to a point. As long as you don’t go too far and become one of those guys who doesn’t listen to what she wants (or worse, an obsessive stalker) not giving up the instant you hit a bump in the road can make you come across as more appealing.

Playing it safe is fine if all you want is to be safe, but there are few worthwhile things you can get in life without taking at least a few risks. If you’re not prepared to take a few risks with her, can you really blame anyone but yourself when she ends up with some other guy?

#7: Women Only See You as A Friend

You’d be amazed how many problems guys have with getting romantic with women that revolve around playing it safe. Obviously, we’ve already covered this to a degree in the previous section, but there’s one specific stumbling block that troubles guys looking to start a relationship with the girl of their dreams with as little risk as possible.

Specifically, we’re talking about the ‘nice guy’ approach where guys think that if they are as nice to the girl in question as possible, she’ll eventually fall for them and ask them out. Skipping over the fact that girls are becoming increasingly savvy to insincere ‘nice guys’ who have an agenda behind their ‘support’, there’s a fundamental flaw to this approach that these guys never seem to consider.

If being ‘nice’ was all it took to get a girl to fall for you, dating guides would revolve around advice on how to fulfil the ‘niceness quota’ faster than other guys. Consider what you look for in a girlfriend. Do you look for the ‘nicest’ girl, or is it the attractive one who makes you laugh and you have fun with? Girls are no different; simply being nice isn’t going make you catch their eye romantically.

Besides, if you spend the whole time hoping that being nice enough will make her ask you out, you’re not going to be showing her much in the way of obvious romantic interest. You need to obviously flirt with her; both to announce your interest and to increase hers. If you’ve spent months listening to her woes and doing platonic friend stuff, you shouldn’t be surprised, or angry, when she comes to view you as a good friend and nothing more. This is because you’ve spent all that time establishing yourself as a friend. If you’ve never flirted with her or asked her out then don’t expect her to know that you ever wanted anything more than friendship.

Stop playing things safe; if there’s a girl you like then take a chance and flirt with her.

#8: You Dress Like You’ve Never Got Laid

 ‘Dress for the job you want, not the job you have’.

This piece of advice translates well when it comes to dating.

Consider your routine before going out to meet women. Does it involve binging Netflix until ten minutes before you need to leave then quickly spraying on some deodorant and swaggering out the door? If that’s correct, and you arrive at the bar with your jeans hanging off your hips and a clashing hoodie, we may have just identified precisely what’s holding you back in the dating game.

The idea that you need to spend an hour and a half getting ready is, obviously, not true, but you get results out of dating comparable to the effort you put in. You might argue that it’s what’s on the inside of a person that counts, but if you couldn’t be bothered to put some effort into your appearance then it probably says something about inner-you and women will notice.

Some sources suggest that one of the first things women look at when they’re checking out a guy is their shoes.

So, next time you have a date, or you’re going out to meet women, make sure you actually put some effort into your appearance.

#9: You Push Girls Away at The Last Hurdle

Maybe your problem isn’t an immediate one.

It can be all the more confusing as to what you’re doing wrong if the early stages are going well for you. You meet a woman at a party and you approach her, well dressed and confident. You’re soon laughing and talking with each other and, at the end of the night, she happily gives you her phone number.

But, as you text (and maybe even meet up a few times), she grows less and less enthusiastic until she tells you that it’s not going to work out.

The thing is, if you screw up the first impression (you accidently insult her mother, spill red wine on her dress or are just plain boring) then it doesn’t take a lot of effort to pinpoint exactly where you went wrong.

If you’re stumbling at the final hurdle, there are a number of potential reasons for it.

It could be because:

  • You make yourself too available; making it seem like you have no life outside of hanging out with them
  • You reveal your emotions too early
  • You are needy (e.g. you text her more than she does and suffocate her by trying to see her everyday)

Let’s tackle these issues individually. To begin with;

#10: You Are Too Available

With so much focus on getting the first impression right and getting her to give you her number, it’s easy to forget that what comes after is still ‘early days’ in the relationship. The two of you are spending time together and trying to figure out just how much the two of you have in common and if you want to keep seeing each other.

This is important to keep in mind because the last thing you really want to do is to come across as over-eager. To avoid confusion, this isn’t the same as showing that you’re interested in her. We’ve already discussed that if you don’t make it clear that you’re after more than friendship, you won’t get more than friendship.

However, there is such a thing as going too far in the other direction. If the girl you’re texting suggests a meet-up and you insist that you’ll make it no matter what night it is, she might start to get a little bit uneasy. Remember, this is as much the early stages for her as it is for you. If you insist that you’re free whenever she suggests meeting up, she may start to wonder exactly what else you have going on in your life. There is something deeply unappealing, and even a little bit unsettling, about someone you don’t know too well, being prepared to completely re-arrange their life in order to suit your convenience.

This will have them think one of two things; either you have nothing going on in your life other than dating them, or you’re considerably more interested in her than she is with you at this point. Option one will probably make you seem considerably less appealing; someone with nothing else going on in their life isn’t going to place high on most people’s lists of ‘people they want to be in a relationship with’. It all comes back to women being surrounded by men saying whatever it takes to get her to look their way. A guy who has more going on in their life than just hooking up with them is a much more appealing prospect for a boyfriend.

Option two is very off-putting because it makes it seem like you’re considerably more invested than them. Once again, you’re still in the early stages of knowing her; if you let your desire for a girlfriend make you too intense about her, then you’re likely to scare her off. Imagine if a girl you’d been on one or two dates with started talking about you meeting her parents or good places to get married. It would probably freak you out more than a little bit and it’s no different for women.

Simply put, don’t always change your plans to fit her first suggestion; if she suggests coffee on Saturday morning and you can’t make it, tell her that. You’ll become more appealing to her and you won’t scare her off.

#11: You Reveal Your Emotions Too Early

This ties into what we discussed in the previous section. Never forget that few things kill off a potential romance faster than flinging every emotion you feel at her like she’s some combination of agony aunt and dart board.

To her, you’re a guy she’s trying to figure out whether she wants to see more of. She might have had fun with you each of the times you’ve met up. You might have made her laugh and bought her something she really liked. However, none of that will really matter if she’s constantly getting texts about how much you miss her or how much she makes your heart race when you see her. Emotional honesty is important in a relationship, but that’s kind of the point, as a relationship is something that the two of you don’t really have yet. In fact, getting too emotionally real too soon might well be the reason you don’t have a girlfriend yet.

Once again, this is an example of your driving urge to get a girlfriend being one of the biggest obstacles to getting one. It causes you to slam your foot on the accelerator and treat a potential relationship as an actual one.

Women will get very wary if they realise that you’re more emotionally attached to them than they are to you. Given how they often have to deal with guys getting obsessive and stalking them, this isn’t surprising.

We get it; you’re really into this girl and that’s making you feel lots of things. Emotions are cool because the alternative is crushing depression, but you have to learn how to reel it back in. Not everything you feel for this girl has to be sent to her in a high priority message. You wouldn’t send a congratulations message every time your favourite sports star scored and you need to filter what you say about how you feel rather than let it all come out your mouth as noise.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t ever admit to feeling anything about her as that would be deeply unhealthy advice. Instead you just need to translate what you’re feeling into something a bit more fun and flirtier rather than an all caps text that reads I LOVE YOU. There are many topics you can filter the passion through, though one of the simplest is to compliment her appearance:

I miss you = Can’t stop thinking about how hot your neckline looked in that black dress. What delightful number do you plan to wear on our next encounter?

I can’t stop thinking about you = Is it weird that the back of a Renault Megan just made me think about how amazing your bum looked last night?

I want to see you soon = So when am I going to reunited with those luscious legs of yours? Friday is looking good

I like you = You impressed me last night I may even consider taking you to quiz night as long as you promise to be on your best behaviour.

I really like you = You impressed me last night to the point where I’d actually consider sharing needles with you in my crack den.

I love you = I think I could have fun in HELL with you

#12: You Are Too Needy

If you’ve been paying attention throughout the various points of this article, you may have noticed a bit of a running theme. A central mistake of mindset that drives a lot of the individual mistakes that we’ve listed. We mentioned it in section 10, but if you’re done with us trying to make you guess, let’s just get on with it.

Basically, your desire to get a girlfriend can end up tripping you up and making a lot of different mistakes. However, the most direct way this burning desire can trip you up is by making you very needy. We’ve already been over this, but it’s worth going over again; even once you have her number, you’re still in the early stages. She gave you her number, not a marriage commitment. However, if left uncontrolled, your desperate desire to have her be your girlfriend can start making you needy.

Neediness can cause you to make a lot of different mistakes. However, it’s most likely to cause you to make mistakes when texting her. These mistakes include:

    1. exting her back immediately every single time
    2. Sending more texts, a day than she sends you
    3. Flattering her constantly.
    4.  Sending her regular updates on your day
    5.  Sending text monologues (10 line+ rambles)
    6. Sending her meaningless texts like “how are you?”, “what’s up?”, “Hi”
    7. Texting her when you’re drunk
    8. Asking her if she’s still ok to go on a date with you

All of the above are things that won’t help your case (especially texting her drunk; NEVER do that). This is because, what you’re doing, is that you’re treating the potential relationship as far more serious to you than it probably is to her. This is rather dramatically demonstrating how much more invested you are than her.

Being significantly more invested than her isn’t a great thing to broadcast at this stage. One possibility is that she’ll be scared off by how much more invested you are than her. She’s getting to know you better and trying to decide if she wants a committed relationship. If she suddenly realises that you’re viewing her as your girlfriend, it might well cause her to call time on your pre-relationship.

The other possibility is that she might lose any feeling that she has to impress you. This ties into what we were saying earlier about making yourself too available. We’ve had you running through a list of things to avoid doing in order to catch her interest. We mentioned how you should make an effort to dress up. The last thing you want is to encourage her to feel she doesn’t have to work to keep your interest. The moment she starts taking your interest for granted, you’re in a bad place.

One good way to avoid this is to make sure that you never text her just for the sake of getting a response. Always make sure there’s a point to what you’re sending her; a café you want to suggest going to, a question you want to ask; avoid sending texts such as ‘U up?’

Of course, it’s not just as simple as resisting the urge to text something needy in a vacuum. After all, if things are going well, then it won’t be just you sending messages to her. It can be really tempting to respond without thinking when she sends you a message; especially when it’s one that gets an emotional response out of you. This ties into what we were saying about not making yourself too available. After all, if a girl you really like sends you a suggested date ad time to meet up, the impulse is to agree to that time no matter how difficult. However, that impulse is wrong because, if your response to her asking when you’re available is to say you’re free whenever, you are broadcasting your neediness like the Bat-Signal.

Sometimes, if a woman is unsure about whether you’re clingier than you’re letting on, she may send you a message to see how you respond. For example;

f you get a message from her that provokes an emotional response, do not respond in the heat of that emotion. Take a few moments to let it pass before respond in a calm, teasing way.

#13: You Do All the Chasing

To emphasize a point we touched on above, it’s a bad sign if the girl you’re interested in feels like she doesn’t have to do anything in order to keep you interested. Any healthy relationship has comparable interest and effort from both sides, so it’s important to encourage her to do a bit of chasing after you as well.

Regardless of how she responds to you rolling over and doing whatever she wants, in an attempt to chase her down, the end result will be the same. If she feels that she doesn’t need to make any effort to keep you interested then she almost certainly won’t.

Either she loses interest and ends things, or you’ll find yourself in a relationship where everything is on her terms.

She’ll respect you (and therefore be far more interested in you) if you set boundaries and don’t rearrange your schedule every time, she suggests a meet up. Every time she has to put some effort into keeping your attention, she’ll become more invested. If you can get something (or someone) easily, you won’t value it as much as if you had to work for it.

By following the advice we’ve laid out above, you’ll become more of a challenge for girls to win over.

Beyond this, there’s another handy tactic for encouraging her to chase you a little.

In general, with you sending her flirty, teasing messages, you’ve defined the roles as you being the sexually proactive one with her as the prize you’re trying to win.

However, you can send her texts that frame things differently; reverse the roles and frame yourself as the prize to be won and her as the one pursuing you;

#14: Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail

If you’ve followed our advice so far then odds are good that, at some point, the girl you’re pursuing will end up coming back to your place. At which point, she will have a chance to get some insight into you that she couldn’t get from your carefully worded texts and choice of date locations.

If she finds a place with unframed posters on the walls and 18+ magazines littering the floor, that insight will not be positive for you.

Beyond being tidy and not looking like a man cave, if she’s going to be staying the night then you need to have it stocked with various items for a variety of needs. Even if she’s just coming for drinks and isn’t planning to stay, there are still items you need.

Let’s get the obvious stuff out of the way first, because you’re clearly thinking about it. If you’re expecting sex to occur at some point, then make sure you’re stocked with condoms, lube and any sex toys you’re confident won’t cause her to escape via the window when you suggest them. These should be stored in a bedside cabinet, or other easily accessible storage place. Even if the sole purpose of her coming back to your place is to go at it, they shouldn’t be sitting out waiting when you arrive back.

Make sure your place is also decorated with conversation pieces you can use to keep the conversation going; interesting photos on the wall, exercise equipment etc.

You also need to set the mood and make sure that things are nice and romantic. Candles are a good touch here, especially red ones:

Don’t forget to spare some thought for the morning after. A spare toothbrush, some shampoo and body wash that a woman would want to use. Some feminine hygiene products wouldn’t go amiss either.

The point of all of this is to make your home be somewhere she’s comfortable being and, hopefully, looks forward to visiting. A person and the state of their home are pretty tightly linked. If she likes your place then it will reflect positively on you.

If altering the decoration of your place seems a bit of overkill, think of it as an investment; not only in your dating efforts, but in your own piece of mind.

After all, not every time a woman comes back to your place will be planned days in advance. Sometimes you’ll be having a good time at a bar or restaurant with her and the subject will naturally come up. By doing this, you can always confidently invite her back without having to quickly remember if it’s in a good enough condition first.

The Next Step

Hopefully, the sections above will have helped you figure out where you’ve been going wrong with your dating efforts all these years. Of course, there’s a world of difference between reading about what you’ve been doing wrong and putting your new information into practise

So, if there’s a girl you’re in to, whether you’ve tried to get her attention before, it’s time to graduate from ‘what I did wrong’ to ‘what to do right’.

All it takes is three simple steps…

You don’t need to master every single point in this article in one go in order to start winning at dating. Correcting just one or two of the mistakes listed here will cause your success with women to jump dramatically. As with everything, practise makes perfect so, now that you know what you’ve been doing wrong, this is your chance to replace those bad habits with better ones. The more you practise your new approach, the more natural it will feel to you.

Hopefully, you will take the following away from reading this article:

  • Stop making excuses not to talk to girls you like
  • Being single ROCKS. Don’t let it shake your confidence
  • Work on your leadership skills by making decisions quickly
  • Say “NO” more and disagree with people when they are wrong
  • Take a few more risks. Go get that hot girl’s number you like!
  • Work on being flirtier with the women you interact with
  • Focus on your life goals and don’t be available all the time

Of the fourteen reasons listed here, which one of them do you relate to the most? As always, please make use of the comments section to let us know. Did we nail your problem, or is there something you feel we could have covered in more depth? Please let us know.

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