Girlfriend Activation System Review


The Girlfriend Activation System is a unique relationship programme, produced by the Social Man, that takes the dating game into a totally new direction.

This program is specifically designed to help men find and attract the women of their dreams by focusing on the absolute core of romance. It is based on improving the self-esteem and personalities of men in order to help them develop great relationships with awesome women.

What Is The Girlfriend Activation System

It is essentially a dating counseling program that is designed specifically for men who are looking to begin long-term relationships.

This program was founded by Christian Hudson & Nick Sparks who has, like many, had his fair share of dating disasters. Using his previous experiences and knowledge of the dating world, Christian Hudson created it to improve the way men relate to women to help them create better relationships.

During the creation of the course, Christian underwent a series of research and studies into women and discovered what he calls their ‘hidden obsessions’.

One of the oldest and most asked questions in the dating field is ‘what do women want?’ Through his research into women managing to answer this by discovering their shared secret desires.

According to these findings, women often have a series of secret obsessions, desires, and turn-ons that they are unlikely to share with their partners. So, even if your girl does open up to you and share what she likes, chances are you’re not getting the full story. All women have a set of generic answers for what they want out of a relationship meaning that even if your girl has told you what she wants, you don’t actually know her any better in the long run.

Although this sounds kind of sneaky, it is commonly accepted that women are shyer when it comes to their own desires, sexual drives, and intimate relationships. Socially girls have been told to leave desires to the men; that it is merely their job to provide and not want anything in return. No wonder our partners don’t share their true wants with us!

With this in mind, Christian believes that it is the guy’s responsibility to find out what really gets his girl going and this is the basis for his whole dating program. It teaches men the essential skills required to become the best boyfriend possible, so your girl is more likely to be more open – and therefore happier – with you. The series of self-development and dating advice provided throughout this program can help you become the exact guy your partner wants.

Christian’s research reveals that the majority of women want a dominant, yet kind, caring and protective man. How exactly did he find this out? By simply looking into women’s erotic fiction trends. Remember the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey a few years back? That trend happened for a reason – women want their own version of Mr. Grey, if only a bit more respectful which then delves into the obsession story and endless conversations about methods.

If you are already a dominant guy who has the rest of this desirable qualities then it may not be the right thing for you. However, we know that the majority of men who want a serious relationship struggle to get the balance right and this program can make huge differences to them.

How Can The Girlfriend Activation System Help Me?

The main purpose of the Girlfriend Activation System is to help build up guy’s inner self- confidence to make them better on the dating field.

This program, unlike others in the pickup industry, is based on creating strong, long-term relationships with the opposite sex – and it’s so effective! By focusing on your personal development first, before advising you on areas of dating like approach, conversation and sealing the deal, the course is an awesome way to make meaningful connections that will last a long time. By becoming a better person, you become a better boyfriend. It’s pretty simple when you think about it.

If you are wanting to secure a serious relationship with the girl of your dreams, then the Girlfriend Activation System could be right for you – as long as you recognize the commitment you need to make. This program is not a magic formula that will land you an instant girlfriend but is it an effective tool to help improve your personality and therefore love life. The Girlfriend Activation System requires a lot of personal work on your behalf and can be a great way to see if you really are ready for the commitment of a long-term relationship.

This system is not for those who are simply looking to score a quick one night stand. The amount of work, information, and advice included in this program is serious and is suitable for those guys who are ready to make a real commitment. As long as you are dedicated to impressing your girl long-term, then this could be helpful. 

Due to the range of research performed during the creation of this program the Girlfriend Activation System is suitable for any man, of any age, social class or experience.

How Does The Girlfriend Activation System Work?

The Girlfriend Activation System is essentially an educational program designed to help men enter serious relationships with the girl of their dreams and helping them become boyfriend material. Nick Sparks and Christian do a fantastic job at this and the company behind it is perfect at providing support.

This system is made up of 23 different modules, each with their own dedicated sections for self-improvement; questions and answers about how the techniques work in real life, including the women who were involved; advice from multiple dating coaches, all of which offer different expertise on the industry, and pickup techniques to attract your girl.

It is specifically designed to help men, who often feel like they can’t do any better, successfully create long-term relationships with amazing women. After a series of failed relationships, creator Christian Hudson fell into the mental minefield of believing he wasn’t good enough for any of the women he went for and he often thought he didn’t deserve a good relationship at all.

This mindset is something that all single men can recognize and it is so detrimental to your future dating success. It is this mindset that inspired the self-development focus of it.

Christian knows how important it is for men to believe and understand that they deserve amazing relationships; that they are capable of attracting quality women and that they can make things last.

The whole purpose of it is to help men obtain healthy, serious and meaningful relationships with great women and it seems as though it can really do that.

Does it work, is it successful?

The Girlfriend Activation System is very simple and easy to use, while still offering quality and complex advice.

The system is suitable for men of any age, ability, and experience as it is so simple to follow. The 23 modules are full of information, advice and professional feedback – yet they still manage to be simple to follow.

It is easy enough to consume all the necessary information required to improve yourself and create great relationships with awesome women.

The Girlfriend Activation System is so effective in helping men improve their dating skills because it wastes no time with silly introductions, cheesy title cards or pointless information. It goes straight to the good stuff! This not only makes the program more effective but also better value for your money as you know you’re getting the absolute most out of the system.

Each of the 23 modules is straightforward but jampacked with helpful information on either self-development or dating techniques, including conversations starters and even texting tips.

What makes it so special, and therefore more successful for users, is the fact it is supported by science. Unlike other programs in the pickup field, it is fuelled by research and the information it provides has been proven to work by science and dating experts alike.

Thankfully, creator Christian chose to rely so heavily on research into both men and women to cultivate his educational tool because it really has made a difference. After all, no one can argue with the facts!

Not only is the advice through the Girlfriend Activation System backed by scientific studies, but is also supported by experts in the dating industry. You can rest assured that with this program you are paying for more than typical, generic and somewhat ‘fluffy’ dating tips normally provided by professionals in this field.

Furthermore, the Girlfriend Activation System has been specially created by men, for men. Christian ensured that he not only relied on his own dating mishaps to create a flawless relationship system, but he also interviewed many other men – experts and every day – to find out what advice and knowledge they could provide.

This insider information ensures that the Girlfriend Activation System works and can be applied to any and all men who are interested in making serious commitments, no matter their tastes, appearances or experience.

If this isn’t enough for you, Social Man offers a year-long money back guarantee on this program. So should you purchase it and somehow find that it doesn’t work or isn’t what you though – although that very unlikely! – you have 365 days to get a refund after signing up. There really isn’t anything to lose from enrolling on this program, but you might have so much to gain!

The Format of Training

Now you know exactly how it can benefit your relationships, you’ll surely want to know how exactly it does this, right?

The information, advice, and research given throughout the program are presented in audio and video files.

Each video or audio clip is handy for a serious study session, where you can play it and then take notes on how you would perform.

Alternatively, the audio bites can be downloaded so if you are a guy who is always on the go, you can better yourself and your dating game as you commute, workout or shop.

Christian Hudson is not the only expert who provides advice on self-development and relationships. In fact, there are six different dating coaches present throughout the program, all of which have their own areas of expertise and personalities.

This combination of experts makes the program very entertaining as well as informative for users and is added value to the cost of the system. Not only are you paying for the expertise of one dating coach, like many other pickup programs available, but six – all in one place.

The Features and Benefits

The Girlfriend Activation System comes with a wide range of features suitable for men of all ages and abilities, as well as some pretty awesome benefits. Here are just some features you can expect when purchasing your Social Man membership:

  • Can work on all women

This programme is designed to work on literally any kind of woman, no matter her age, interests or social standing. When compared to other pickup coaching programs out there this is a pretty spectacular feature.

The majority of these systems seem to only work on certain kinds of women, those who are only around for a good time rather than a long time. However, the in-depth advice that is present throughout the Girlfriend Activation System ensures that users are able to make real connections with their dream girl and it can be used at every stage of their relationship.

Christian, during the creation of his program, performed many studies into what women really want and desire and it seems like his work certainly paid off. By looking into all areas of women’s desires Christian discovered what really makes them tick – the kind of information your girl may be unwilling to share with you.

His research included looking into women’s erotic fiction trends. We all know that erotic fiction for women is like porn for men, and by taking this into consideration Christian discovered the universal desires all women share. Using this information, he managed to construct the ongoing Girlfriend Activation System to help men become more like the fictional characters girls lust after to create better and more open connections.

  • Offers easy-to-follow, actionable advice

This program is split into 23 modules that cover different dating techniques and self-confidence skills to help any man become successful in the language of love.

A full Social Man membership to the Girlfriend Activation System gives you access to all modules currently available as well as the option to learn in the way that suits you best. The videos and audio files can be downloaded for men who live life on the go, so you never have to miss out on your essential training.

Even though this system relies on the advice and research from dating experts, the information is actually very easy to follow and understand no matter what education or experience you have. There is no jargon or technical language used throughout and the video clips often rely on real-life situations to demonstrate how the particular technique should be performed.

Not only is it easy to understand, but the expert advice is actionable too. This means that they provide tips that you can actually use in your day-to-day life, instead of just being general ideas or theories. This is so beneficial to all users and makes the product great value, as you can see from the very first module how it can impact your life and relationships.

  • An exclusive community

Being unlucky in love can be a lonely place to be sometimes, but the Girlfriend Activation System shows us that it doesn’t always have to be this way.

When you start your Social Man membership, to access the education of the Girlfriend Activation System, you are also granted access to exclusive forums. Here you can participate in interesting discussions and threads about everything dating related with men who are going through the exact same thing.

Even better is the fact that dating experts like Christian Hudson frequently browse the Social Man forums and have been known to dole out advice directly.

  • Lifelong Access

Once you start your Girlfriend Activation System membership, you are given instant access to everything the program offers. This includes previous models of the system as well as any upcoming features for no extra fee. This membership can be lifelong if you want it to be, meaning you never have to be parted from expert dating advice regardless of where you are.

Our Verdict

4.4/511 ratings

It is a truly unique dating training service. The fact that it makes men focus on their own personal development before they can become who their partners want them to ensure long-term success and happiness for all parties.

The system truly is great value as it not only provides advice and tips from six different dating coaches but it also comes with so many extra bonuses, like forum access, lifelong memberships, and actionable tips. If you want to make some great changes to your love life, then this is the place to start!

Thank you for reading my Girlfriend Activation System Review.

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