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There are many different courses offering advice on dating available on the market in 2019, and not all of them are worth your time and money. Honestly, many of these courses are simple scams, designed to get you to part with large sums of money in exchange for basic advice that won’t make any difference to your life, or cruel and derogatory products that treat women as objects for your pleasure rather than as the human beings they are. As such, it’s important to know how to tell the difference between high-quality dating advice courses and worthless, expensive wastes of time and money.

Christian Hudson’s new How2TxtHer course looks like a great option, but is it legit? How can you tell whether it’s worth your time and money before you buy this how to text her dating advice course? We’ve investigated Christian H.’s HowToTxtHer course in order to save you time and determine whether it’s a legit course or not. Read on below to find out our conclusions in our How To Text Her review.

Why would you need a texting course?

There are many different guides available to help you improve your skills at dating, but why would you want one on texting? Many other areas of dating look much more complicated and difficult to understand, and texting seems relatively straightforward and easy to understand in comparison.

There are many situations that could arise during the early stages of a relationship, however, where a simple guide to exactly what to say could provide a significant boost to your chances of getting another date. This is particularly relevant if you’re not massively confident, as it can just take away one of the significant areas of stress around dating and relationships. If you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to say over text, you can devote more of your mind to other areas!

If you’re capable of getting phone numbers but don’t have a high hit rate after that, then How To Text her is a great choice. It’s simple and easy to understand step by step instructions will help to take all the worry out of texting girls, making your life easier, and improving your success rate significantly.

Overview of How To Text Her

How To Text her is a course that promises to teach you how to use text messaging as an effective tool in dating, boosting your chances of getting a date (or a follow-up date, if you’ve already made it that far). The primary purpose of texting, according to this course, is to get a girl to meet up with you in person.

This course has been adapted from one of Christian’s classes he teaches in person, with a combination of ebook elements, audio guides, and video presentations to ensure that there’s something in there to suit everyone’s preferred style of learning.

The course assumes that you’ve met these women in person before you’ve started texting, rather than via online dating or apps such as tinder. Christian mentions applying some of the theories behind the course to online dating but doesn’t put much focus on that area at all. This is focused on texting throughout!

Christian teaches using a strong understanding of psychological theory throughout How2TxtHer, focusing strongly on texting to encourage certain levels of emotional investment and feeling, through clear explanations of how to approach different situations, and a case study to show examples of doing things wrong. Christian breaks down all the most common mistakes and teaches you how to avoid them easily and confidently.

In addition to this, How To Text Her incorporates some useful ideas to bear in mind about the attitudes you need in order to have more success when texting, as Christian talks from the start about the importance of focusing on the present and the immediate future, helping you to feel natural and relaxed rather than worrying about long term results.

Later in the course, How To Text Her turns its focus towards more sexually explicit texting, and how to handle this difficult area without coming over as creepy or predatory. Obviously, this part of the course is best suited to later stages of a relationship, but it’s still a worthwhile inclusion!

What’s contained in the How To Text Her course?

Christian H.’s How To Text Her course is a simple and easy to follow step by step guide to texting women, taking you from when you first get her number to several dates in, all with clear and easy to understand steps that help you along every step of the way.

All of the learning modules are delivered through a website from which you can download the ebook elements of the course and watch all of the videos, making it an easy to use course for everyone, no matter how you prefer to learn things.

One of the most important and distinctive elements of the How2TxtHer course is a set of what Christian calls “5 Magic Texts” that help to get women excited to meet up with you. This is a clear and easy to follow set of instructions that you can use every single time with a high hit rate, taking away the stress of worrying about what to say next. This part of the course really helps with relaxation and confidence!

The rest of the course contains information on what to do in order to deal with a wide range of different texting situations that you may encounter in your dating life, ranging from the perfect first text through to complex emotional investment topics. Several of these areas also include sample texts you can use, all of which have been specifically chosen for their high success rate when used directly, meaning that if you’re desperate to find something to say quickly you’ll always have a great option to hand without having to spend time thinking up something complicated and witty with no guarantee of it going down at all well!

In addition to the main course, How2TxtHer also contains 3 bonus courses and a wide range of smaller added bonuses. This might seem excessive, given how large the main How To Text Her course is, but it just adds to the value of this training program. These cover natural conversations, general seduction techniques, and specialist, high quality “social superpowers.” There’s something for everyone included in the How To Text Her course!

Communication and teaching styles

One of the biggest advantages of How To Text Her is Christian’s particular style of flirting. This is a thoughtful and charming approach that doesn’t treat women like their idiots, making it an excellent approach for most situations, focused on compliments and genuine emotional connection.

Overall, Christian’s How2TxtHer course encourages a more mature and sophisticated style than most other dating courses on the market and is clearly designed with an eye to forming successful long term relationships with high-quality emotional connections rather than just easy one-night stand tactics.

The teaching style used in How To Text Her is fairly casual and friendly, making it easily accessible to even those who don’t gel well with more serious teaching. Christian’s writing style in the ebooks can be a little hard to get into, as it’s very conversational and some of Christian’s writing isn’t particularly clear or accurate. The written elements are easily the weakest part of this course, as Christian is a natural presenter and raconteur rather than a writer.

As such, while the written parts of the course may have a slightly unique style, Christian knows what he’s talking about, and his video seminars work very well; these are easy to focus on and absorb information from in detail. If you’re not at all into his writing style, you might find that his video tutorials are a much more comfortable style for you.

All of the How 2 Txt Her course is focused on practical education and direct advice, rather than on theory, although Christian’s methods are built on a solid foundation of psychological theory. If you’re particularly interested in how these methods work, then you’re going to want to look into other courses, but if all you care about is whether or not they work effectively, then How To Text Her is a great choice for you, as it offers an easy to follow teaching style and strong, clear, practical advice.

Media quality

The How To Text Her course contains a mixture of different media, including written guides, audio books, and video seminars. All of these are well produced, although the audio volume is a little low on some of the audiobooks and video classes, and Christian H.’s calm, gentle speaking style is not always the clearest when the volume is low. Listening with earbuds in can make a big difference to the clarity of the audio here, though, so it’s not too much of an issue. Overall, this is a well-produced multimedia course that features elements that can work for anyone, no matter how you prefer to absorb information.

Bonus features of How2TxtHer

As well as the main How To Text Her course, this package contains an impressive 18 bonus elements, combining written guides, audio resources, and video lessons. Most of these are assembled by Christian himself, but there are a handful of additional lessons taught by guest contributors too, giving you a little bit more variety in approach and methodology to ensure that you can find something that works really well and effectively for you and your own personal energy and conversational style.

The largest of these is a module called “Endless Conversations,” an hour-long video seminar from Christian covering how to have fluid, natural feeling conversation. This is an excellent tool for learning more social skills for any context, helping you to avoid running out of things to say in most social situations. This module is one of the most useful elements of the entire course and should have something valuable to help out most people.

The bonus courses also include a written course on how to open conversations and make an impression instantly, offering a wide range of helpful examples that you can use to make a bit more of an impact and start up conversations naturally and effectively. This is a great bonus for people who struggle to get a conversation started in the first place, and can help the Endless Conversations module to be useful to people with further problems!

The other bonus courses are also very helpful, including a range of other handy things such as a self-hypnosis course that you can use to boost your confidence a bit, helping you to feel comfortable using the other courses included in the How To Text Her training course selection.

Guest Presenters

While Christian himself presents the vast majority of the video elements of the course, there are a couple of guest modules included as well. Nick Sparks and Rob Judge each present one of these, offering some slightly different approaches and topics from Christian’s own modules.

Nick Sparks presents a fairly brief module that touches on some interesting ideas, but is relatively general and doesn’t go into the same detail as Christian’s main modules. It should be enough to give you a good sense of his style, though, and that should help you to decide how much attention you want to pay to what he says. It’s an alternative to Christian’s approach, but probably not a full replacement for most people.

Rob Judge presents a module on his own approach to better texting, which he uses in his own Magnetic Messaging course. Again, this is a bit different from Christian’s own approaches, but it offers a great alternative if you want to try something a little different to the methods recommended by the main How 2 Txt Her course.

Rob Judge’s presentation is much more high energy than Christian’s relatively calm and relaxed modules tend to be, and you may find that he’s a better fit if you’re a naturally high energy individual, as his approaches may feel more natural as part of your conversational arsenal.


  • Step by Step course

The How2TxtHer course is a well-organized step by step guide with easy to follow materials. This course has been designed with clear communication and maximum ease of use in mind, and the educational value of this arrangement is significant. Everything is laid out clearly in a simple order, and you can just work through it in order at your own pace with no issues.

  • Effective

While a lot of the online dating advice courses available are ineffective and a waste of time, it looks like How2TxtHer is an effective and successful program. Christian H. knows what he’s talking about, and his results speak for themselves. This course has clear testimonials from a wide range of people, and you can pretty much count on How To Text Her being effective for you to at least some level!

  • No questionable behavior

While many online dating courses recommend behavior that is straightforwardly weird and can make everyone involved uncomfortable. The good news is that Cristian H.’s How To Text Her course doesn’t involve any of this, and all the behaviors recommended in this course feel natural and comfortable. It’s free from unpleasant pick-up artist techniques and focuses more on being yourself and acting comfortably and attractively around women without anything weird or uncomfortable required.

  • Legitimate psychology

Christian’s psychological expertise is clear from his courses, and he teaches his methods clearly and effectively. There are many dating advice teachers out there, and a lot of them actually have no idea what they’re talking about. The science on which Christian H. bases his techniques is sound and his grasp of human psychology is strong, making his course far more effective and scientifically grounded than most others.


  • Limited to texting

The material contained in How2TxtHer is a great primer on how to text, but it’s very limited to texting. If you’re having problems with dating, simply learning to text better won’t get you all that far. You’re still going to have to obtain a phone number in the first place and be able to behave attractively and naturally in person so that an in-person date isn’t a complete disaster once you’ve attained the date in the first place! The How To Text Her course is a great option if you’re just looking to improve your texting practices, but it’s very limited to a single area of the large and complicated world of dating.

  • A little manipulative

The treatment of women in the How2TxtHer course is very focused on manipulating their psychology into appreciating you. This is a slightly uncomfortable way of doing things, and there are courses out there that are more focused on your own psychology and confidence, and maintain a high level of respect for women. How2TxtHer is far from the worst offender in this case, but it’s worth being aware of how it chooses to treat the difficult topic of dating and relationships.


How2TxtHer is a high quality, well-organized dating advice course with a strong focus on how to use texting to its maximum potential in the early stages of forming a relationship, from first obtaining a girl’s phone number to going on in-person dates with her. If your problems don’t extend to getting numbers, then this is a great choice for you. If you still can’t get hold of anyone’s phone number, though, then this won’t be much use; How To Text Her is designed for a very specific stage of relationships.

If you’re looking for simple tips for making brief sexual connections with wilder party girls, Christian’s techniques probably aren’t going to help you much. These are focused on forming genuine emotional connections and longer-term relationships and are focused on calmer and cooler women, for the most part, ensuring that you never talk down to them or come across as patronizing or dismissive, essential traits that are often overlooked by the writers of dating guides such as this.

How To Text Her is a good and clear guide that should offer strong results to the vast majority of men, and it’s a pretty reliable and safe bet for most people who need a hand with clear and attractive text communication.

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