‘Picking Up’ Girls and Those Who Are Infamous for Doing So


Like almost everything else in the world, the art of woo’ing a woman has without doubt changed in recent years, especially with the rise in popularity of so many alternative technologies that allow people to meet one another.

Back in the day, if you were struggling to pick-up a partner, you would likely open up a book and start reading where you were going wrong – one of the most famous of these books was Neil Strauss’, The Game.

So, what has happened to the likes of Neil Strauss, since the recent developments in the dating game?

He and others like him, are still very much around and as the old saying goes, you can’t beat the classics. That is the case in everything from classic literature to landing the girl that you have always wanted.

So, if you are in need of help in that department, we have you well covered. We have grouped together the very greatest talents in the area of seduction in one place, for your convenience.

With that in mind, lets get into it. Here are 14 people who’s dating companies are shaping the way that we are carrying out the art of seduction.

Ross Jeffries:

Ross Jeffries has been mixing it with the very best of them since what feels like the beginning of time. He has been an influential player in the dating game for some time now. An intelligent guy, Ross’ preference for carrying out his dating game is to do so in broad day-light. Unlike some others, who enjoy the hectic, busy scene of a packed nightclub, Ross prefers the quiet, tranquil settings of a coffee shop or relaxed place. Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques, Ross is capable of using his intelligence and eloquence to use suggestive language which highlights his sexual desires. Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques are known for being extremely powerful, so much so that they are also known to be controversial as well as powerful. Ross is the creator of Speed Seduction, one of the original dating products that became widely available to the mass market. Currently a member of the over-50’s club, Ross is helping others learn his techniques and is still extremely capable of picking up women himself, which goes to show the strength of his Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques.

Neil Strauss:

We have already referenced Neil Strauss earlier in the article, and for good reason. If you are unfamiliar with Strauss and his now hugely famous book, The Game, which was also referenced earlier in the article, then you must have been hiding underground for a good portion of your dating life. Some 13 years ago now, back in 2005, Neil Strauss rose to prominence in the dating world by bringing the underground seduction community to the mainstream population. An intelligent man, who spent several years studying the seduction techniques of the masters, Strauss was almost guaranteed to be a success. Strauss however, was arguably an even greater success than anyone would have thought. In his book, Strauss discusses two years of his love life, which includes his sleeping with some of the biggest stars in Los Angeles, on top of this, he also covers how he managed to charm the likes of Britney Spears, which I am sure was the aim of almost every man who was sexually active in the early and mid-2000’s, if not still to this very day. After his book took off, Strauss founded Stylelife Academy. Strauss uses the academy to continue his teachings to those wanting to learn from one of the masters of the game.

Erik Von Markovik:

Whilst Erik Von Markovik may not be a name that is known the world over, the name ‘Mystery’, which is the alias of Von Markovik, is very well known all over the world. Another one for those in the book club to follow, Von Markovik wrote the Mystery Method. In addition to this, he is responsible for many of the modern techniques used in todays game, for example ‘the three second rule’ and ‘peacocking’. Von Markovic, along with his support act, who is known as ‘Matador’, rose to stardom on screen, in VH1’s highly inventively named, ‘The Pickup Artist’. In ‘The Pickup Artist’, a group of single guys to try to win the hearts, and bodies, of their female compatriots on the show. Mystery has been known as the most famous of all the pickup artists in the modern game – and it is certainly very hard to argue. However, in order to learn from Erik, it is not a requirement to be on television, as you may think. Just take yourself over to Venusian Arts and you can be privy to the inner most secrets of Erik and his side-kicks.

Richard La Ruina

Remember Neil Strauss, from earlier? Well what if Britain had their very own version of Neil Strauss? In a manner of speaking, they may well do. Just like Strauss, La Runia is a well-educated academic turned ladies’ connoisseur. His story is somewhat remarkable. Gaining great amounts of money in business investments that others considered unwise. However, at this time La Ruina was far from a ladies man. As is the case when learning anything on the job, Richard learned via the trial and error process. Until, in 2006, he founded his company, named PUA Training. This is now the largest company of its kind in the United Kingdom. There are many reasons why his company went on to be the biggest of its kind in the whole of the UK, first and foremost, its products were incredibly successful. If you are struggling in your attempts to pick up women, then you need to head over to Richard’s social media channels, especially his Youtube page, for some tips on how to learn from the very best, or just to admire the situations that he manages to get himself into.

David DeAngelo:

A real estate agent, turned ladies’ man and dating expert, David’s self-belief and humour was evident in his approach with the ladies. A confident man, David’s dating courses are well respected and amongst his most well-known work. In the previously mentioned ‘The Game’, David is featured for his infamous talents in regards to picking up waitresses.

‘Simple Pickup’

You may notice that this is the first sub-heading that is not directly related to the name of the founder. The reason for this is simple, ‘Simple Pickup’ was founded by three people – not just one.

These three guys could not possibly be separated for the purpose of this article. Between the three of them, they have risen to prominence as quickly as a flash. The question is though, how?

Well, the answer is as daring as it is inventive. They do so by dressing up in amusing outfits and coupling this with some brilliant stunts, all in the name of ‘getting their numbers up’, if you will.

There is of course, an accompanying video – which we feel does a better job of demonstrating the success of these three gentlemen than words ever could.

If dressing up and acting in an erratic manner is not for you, do not worry. Simple Pickup also offers a range of different courses to help you increase your success with the ladies.

Tyler Durden

Back to basics, here. One man, one aim. Tyler Durden is very well known in the community and unlike some others, he is well known for all of the right reasons. For those of you familiar with the film ‘Fight-Club’ it will probably come as no surprise to you that Tyler Durden is not his birth name. Born as Owen Cook, Tyler has been on the scene for what feels like forever now. His skills are well known, and is a co-founder of the hugely successful ‘Real Social Dynamics’. This company offers worldwide guidance, and bootcamps, for those less fortunate in the art of seduction to perfect and hone their skills.

JT Tran

JT Tran has certainly perfected the arts both of seduction, and marketing. He has done a fantastic job of tapping into the Asian market, when it comes to turning regular Asian men into masters in the art of seduction. He preaches that confidence in yourself and developing your communication skills will give any man what he needs to become a master of seduction. His dating company, ‘ABCs of Attraction’ provides the platform for his protégés to practice the skills that they have learnt from him. Unlike others, JT has tapped into one specific market, in this case the Asian market, rather than making his products more widely available to the mass market.

Nick Savoy:

Nick has been described as the number one dating coach in the world. Given the experience of the others on this list, that shows the wealth of experience and the talent that he has. His book, Magic Bullets is known as something of a bible in the industry, and he owes much of his business success to this book. His company, ‘Lovesystems’ has a considerable workforce at its disposal, especially when compared to others in the industry. Always looking to keep up to date with the market, they have a young writer on their books, called Braddock, who is keeping the writings at Lovesystems diverse and up-to-date.

Andy Yosha:

As mentioned earlier in the article, each artist has their own way of going about things, or running their game. Andy’s preferred method is to do so in broad day light. When the sun is shining and the weather is warm, Andy is red hot. He can often be found roaming the streets of London, scouting for the local talent. Back in 2010, Andy formed a website called Daygame.com, which teaches the art of seduction in a daylight setting. The vast majority of people may well come alive in the dead of night, in clubs and bars. However, it seems that those people are missing out when by avoiding pursuing their desires in the middle of the day. So, get yourself down to your local coffee shop, and take Andy’s tactics with you! What are these tactics? Head over to Daygame Blueprint, to find out.

Jon Sinn:

Another one from way back when, or so it seems, John was a seduction instructor with ‘Love System’. However, he has since set up his own company, which is a wonderful play on his name, titled ‘Sinns of Attraction’, which is based in LA. John focuses on good old-fashioned natural attraction and has created a step-by-step guide to accompany you on your journey and help you realise your wildest dreams. In case you were wondering, this guide is named ‘Seduction Roadmap.’

Rob King:

Rob King is well versed in the art of attracting women. He can, in fact, attract them by the masses. Impressive stuff, isn’t it? Back in 2012, Rob penned ‘The Pick Up Game’ which allows readers to gain an insight into modern seduction techniques. He has experience teaching around the world, from the UK all the way to the USA, with various detours on the way. The stories and experience that he has acquired when travelling the world cannot be understated and will no doubt be instrumental in the self-development his teachings will impress upon you.

Zan Perrion:

Are you familiar with the phrase, like a duck to water? If yes, you probably know the direction that this taking. If you are not, it means that you take to something very easily. Zan has an intriguing pick-up method. He brings out the passion in the ladies by creating a fantasy inside of them. His main objective is to study and teach the art of love, rather than just the raw nature of the pickup game. Zan’s first product is a DVD entitled ‘The Way of the Natural’ which you may want to pick up, should his teachings appeal to you.


Ok, so again Beckster isn’t his real name. Nevertheless, he is vastly experienced and knows the game inside out. Something of a wordsmith and a charmer, Beckster’s company ‘The Beckster Lifestyle’ provides him with the platform for his teachings and his flattery. Like others, he is known and active worldwide. He does differ from the norm in some ways though, unlike others, he teaches both men and women. No doubt relationships the world over are the result of this man’s teachings. What a guy. That brings us to the end of our list. Should you pursue any of these techniques or teachers further, use what you learn wisely and remember, with great power comes great responsibility!
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